Many of us have tried to lose weight or get into shape and just become frustrated. Most of the time, we just give up. However, what if the fault was in the way you were attempting to do those things because you were doing those things in the way your genes need you to? Read on to find out how Nutrigenomics and the study of diet genes may change the way you diet.

What is Nutrigenomics?

This is a relatively new discipline in the world of science. It focuses on the relationship between health, nutrition, and our genes. The purpose of this discipline is to understand the way our bodies respond to what we drink and eat. Nutrigenomics helps us understand good genes, diet genes, and bad genes. Creating a diet based on this type of science relies on analyzing your genetic makeup to determine recommendations that align with health and nutrition needs. This also helps to prevent chronic diseases related to nutrition.

Benefits of DNA based Diet

A DNA-based diet is a possible next step in nutrition counseling. This type of diet can create a personalized plan specifically for you and your diet genes. This diet can help you be more compliant because it maximizes what your body wants and needs. It helps you reach your physical and dietary goals because it aligns with what works for your body. While this refers to diet genes, it is creating a plan that allows your body to process the food you eat properly and efficiently.

Why It Is Innovative

This goes against what many of us have used as guidelines for good health. While those guidelines created by government agencies help work towards a healthy nutrition plan, the same goals are intended for every person. It is a one size fits all type guideline. Every person is unique and has different requirements and needs. Following a DNA-based diet allows people to lose weight to meet their goals. Maintaining a healthy weight is critical to overall health. According to the CDC, a person who is overweight or obese has a higher risk of getting 13 different cancers. These cancers equal 40% of the cancers diagnosed each year in the US.

It is beneficial to consider if a DNA-based diet may be effective for you and your goals. Contact our team today to find out how we can help you with your weight loss goals.