Cancer is a devastating disease. About 18% of all types of cancer that are diagnosed can be traced back to poor nutrition, being overweight, not being active enough, and the consumption of alcohol. This means that lifestyle changes may be able to prevent certain cancers. A genetic cancer screen is a good place to start if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Knowing is Half the Battle

Getting a genetic cancer screen can reveal which types of cancers you are most likely to develop. Knowing which types of cancers you and your family are prone to will provide you with the information that you need to design a lifestyle that can protect you from developing those specific cancers.

A genetic cancer screen is an easy test that can identify the genetic markers that are present when there is a risk of cancer. A genetic cancer screen provides information on the odds that you will develop different types of cancers. Your genes are a road map, and like all road maps, you can decide to take a different route.

Diet and Nutrition

It cannot be said enough that diet and nutrition can shape your overall health. A diet that is designed to “not feed” cancer can be one of the best preventive tools. A diet rich in leafy greens, raw vegetables, and fruit can help your body ward off a range of cancers. Proteins in your diet should come from low-fat sources.

Limit sweets, processed foods, and high-fat foods. Diet can have a huge impact not only on whether you develop cancer but on whether you develop other diseases. Food can be great preventive medicine.

Limit Alcohol

Limit the amount of alcohol that you drink to create an unfriendly cancer environment in your body. Study after study has connected the overconsumption of alcohol with cancer. It is best to limit alcohol consumption as much as possible. Alcoholic beverages are not the only type of beverage you should limit.

Make a Commitment

Get a genetic cancer screen for you and your family and make a commitment to make lifestyle changes that will reduce the risk of you and your family members developing cancer. You have the power to change your family’s health. Take the first step today.