There is a DNA test for antidepressants that helps to customize treatment. In the United States, about $2.5 billion annually is associated with the cost of mental health treatment. The costs are expected to rise each year. Targeted treatment is essential in reducing the cost of mental health treatment and reigning in the overall costs associated with mental health disorders. A simple DNA test for antidepressants can be the easiest solution.

Avoid Wasted Treatment Time

Many people that suffer from depression struggle to find the medication that works for them. In some cases, finding the right pharmaceutical intervention can take months. With every failed treatment, the condition worsens.

Patients are often switched from medication to medication until the right one is found. Unfortunately, this trial and error process is often at the expense of the patient’s progress in treating depression.

A More Accurate Treatment Approach

Pinpointing the right medication through a DNA test for antidepressants can be a game-changer for any patient that is struggling with depression. This type of test allows providers to make informed decisions about which medication is right very early on in the treatment process.

Less wasted trial and error time means less cost to the patient and less risk of serious consequences. These tests provide accurate information based on a DNA sample and testing. Successfully treating a patient with a mental health disorder like depression depends highly on being able to customize a treatment plan. The DNA test for antidepressants can provide individualized information that providers need to make informed decisions about treatment options.

Maximize Safety

Some of the side effects of antidepressants can be very risky. Knowing which antidepressant is the best option for a patient dealing with depression can greatly reduce the risk of unwanted side effects. DNA testing can reveal not only the efficacy of a specific antidepressant but can significantly reduce the risk of serious side effects from taking the wrong drug.

A DNA test for antidepressants can be a very simple solution that answers many different questions. Instead of losing time with the trial and error stage of treatment, the right treatment can be started from day one. The future is now when it comes to testing and treatment options. Take advantage by contacting Personalized Genetic Testing today.